BC高中五位十年级同学,三位十一年级同学和一位小学部五年级同学组成的义工小队在校长Mr.Kraft的带领下第五次来到了云南李秋成 。我们这个小组被校长誉为五年来最好的团队,我们到底都做了什么呢?
Our BC high school volunteer group, comprised of five grade 10 students北极霞水母 , three grade 11 students and one grade 5 student, made the fifth service trip to Yunnan. Our group was praised by Principal Kraft as the best team during the five years. What did we do to gain such a reputation?

在昆明,我们走访了三家民工子女课后辅导中心,这里的孩子年龄从3岁到13岁,带他们做游戏和手工,教他们唱英文歌曲;我们用一路从苏州带来的足足10公斤的颜料给他们画壁画;我们也当起小老师,帮他们辅导作业。他们眼中透出的纯真仿佛让我回到了童年,忘记了大城市的快节奏。他们的父母忙于挣钱养家而没时间照看他们生活和学习,民间机构和有爱心的老师们就担负起了看护和教育他们的责任,当地的大学生也会经常来做义工百利好 ,希望会有越来越多有爱的人来关心这些孩子们。
We visited three migrant centers in Kunming. The kids there are aged from 3 to 13. We taught them games, handcrafts and English songs; we painted their walls with paints that we carried all the way from Suzhou; we tutored them with their schoolwork as teachers do. Through the eyes of innocence, I felt like going back to my own childhood, setting aside the fast pace of Suzhou. Their parents are busy raising the family and do not have time to take care of them and their study. Some private organizations and charity established these centers for the kids. There are many college student volunteers who often come there to help, and I hope more and more warm- hearted people can take care of these kids.

大理的行程是锻炼领导力和意志力的怡然自得造句 。第一站是洞穴探险——攀爬到洞穴内部陡岩的顶端。看教练爬的时候很简单,自己爬起来却十分艰难,有个男生中途钻洞的时候足足用了30分钟,有的女孩子20米的高度将近爬了一个小时,但整个过程大家相互鼓励砭石的作用 ,最后所有的人都坚持下来了。通过这次不一样的体验,我深深地明白了在坚持不懈、持之以恒后,终将能看到美丽的成果粤建通。
The trip in Dali was designed for building our leadership and willpower. The first challenge was caving. After we climbed down a wild cave which our trainers have found, we needed to climb up to the summit of a steep cliff. It was so easy to watch the trainer do it考古茶社, but it was so difficult to do it by ourselves. One boy spent at least 30 minutes to pass through a tiny stone hole to reach the summit .It also took one girl nearly 1 hour to finish the 20-meters climbing. We encouraged each other during the climbing and we were so proud that finally everyone stuck to the end.

大理第二站是领导力训练营,简单概括为两天一夜的农场生活。分成小组,用有限金额购买各种农活物品,20个人午饭和晚饭食材和送给当地孩子的礼物横琴 。人物之二是要和卖家聊天,最后说服他们一起合影,本来以为最难的是杀价,后来才发现和卖家合影的任务更难,我们使尽了浑身的解数,终于获得了宝贵的照片,这真是难得的经历啊!
We also took part in a leadership camp in a Dali farm for two days and one night. Each group bought gifts for the next two days within certain amount of money before we went胡凯欣 , including farming tools, materials for lunch and supper for 20 persons死神方程式 , gifts for the village kids. Another job was to chat with the seller and tried to persuade them to take photos with us. This was even harder than bargaining and it made us try all the means and finally got what we wanted. It was really an incredible experience for all of us.

在农场自己搭简易帐篷,这和我们在公园里看到的帐篷完全不同,顶上只有一块防雨布固定在树上,地上只有薄薄的一层塑料纸。虽然一晚上和风声和虫鸣相伴,但当我们仰望天空,满天繁星点点,四周宁静地能听到均匀的呼吸声,多想时间就停留在这一刻忧郁罗密欧 。
We lived in tents set up by ourselves which were totally different from the tents we saw in the park, only a tarp tied on the trees as the roof and a thin layer of plastic as the base. Although bothered by the wind and the insects buzzing all night圣莫丽斯 , we wished that time would stop at that moment when we were looking at the starry sky and hearing the breathing of ourselves.
白天一组在地里劳作:浇水,剪石子,播种,打樱桃,另一组在大本营做18个人的饭。一会儿柴火灭了,一会儿米饭不够,看似简单的过程中出现了各种问题,但是最终都找到了解决的方法。期间最激动人心的莫过于杀鸡了,费贞绫 对于我们来说,可能一生只能碰到这一次吧。
We worked in the field in the day time李芊墨 , seeding, weeding watering crops and picking cherries. We also made lunch and dinner for 20 persons. A lot of problems occurred during the cooking摘星林笛儿, but we managed to solve them. There was no more exciting and stressful thing than killing a chicken by ourselves which I think might be a once in a lifetime experience.

我们带着满满的回忆回到了苏州:春城昆明的明媚阳光,俊秀旖旎的石林风光,在外教住家学做千层饼的欢乐,昆明国际学校让人垂涎的美食节,古典音乐会上飘出的优美旋律揪痧吧 ,冰场上我们相互搀扶一起前行的身影,大理扎染村白族小朋友的可爱服饰和让人拍案的表演,还有校长Mr. Kraft层出不穷的游戏、手工、歌曲和时不时冒出的各种点子。这些都会成为我们一生难忘的记忆和永远珍惜的财富!
We are back to Suzhou with lots of sweet memories :the beautiful sunshine of Kunming, the charming and gentle scenery of the stone forest, the happiness when we made the scones at the homestay, the mouthwatering cuisines at the KIA school fair, the melody lingered at the classic music concert, the moments we held each other’s hands and skate together, the most cutest and amazing costumes and performance by the Bai Zu kids and varieties of games ,handcrafts, songs and endless ideas from Mr. Kraft.
These unforgettable memories will be the most valuable things in our lives.

We hope that more and more teachers and students will join our service trip. Will you come next April?

文译(writer&translator)/10-3 Dolores
编辑&摄影(editor&photographer)/ Yuki&BC
统筹(co-ordinator)/ Peter Pan